The Founder

Dominique Kinnard-Bing



Premiere Pro


How I Got My Start

Ever since elementary school, I’ve had an interest in entrepreneurship and visual arts – specifically filmmaking. There was even an instance where I threw a tantrum when my mother told me I couldn’t buy a video camera. Fast forward, I’m a freshman in high school. I was beyond ecstatic when I found out my class offered a video production class. Little did I know, I would be bamboozled, but stumble backwards into a second love: graphic design.

My video production teacher was actually our IT guy and was forced to teach a class. Needless to say, he knew nothing about video production. He sent us links to design tutorials on TutsPlus. Some begrudgingly piddled through them, but a passion took hold. 7 years later, I’m still going strong, learning every day. And while I am completely self-taught, I look forward to having a degree to back up my talent.

Why I Love My Art

If asked to sound off a list of adjectives that accurately describe me, the first to come to mind would be “creative.” I wasn’t rightly given the gift of gab and I am prone to introversion. Art provides a healthy outlet, a means for expressing negative emotions and sorting out the confusions and societal injustices in life.

Slated projects for Years 22 and 23 include scaling my business like a big boss, releasing my first dramatic short film, selling my feature-length screenplay, building an audience on my YouTube channel, and releasing music, professionally recorded and rolled out in a serious manner.

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