What We're About

Inception VS. Present VS. Future

We’ve worked with amazing people

Unfortunately, we haven’t yet been afforded the opportunity to work with you. But don’t worry! We’ve saved a space for you on the right. We can’t wait to show you off!

Graphic Design

We create print and web-quality graphics to fine-tune the image of your company or project, that your brand and visual presence may be a fortified force to be reckoned with!

Web Design

We know that your website is one of the first opportunities you’ll have to make a great impression on potential clients. We’re ever ready to assist you in this endeavor!

Video Production

We execute the scripting, production and post-production of your idea! No matter what industry you may be involved in, we can help broaden your reach!

Writing Services

We are capable of writing industry-formatted screenplays and teleplays, song lyrics, poetry and general prose for novel, e-book or web purposes.

Professional Services

Don’t sit on your great business idea! If you have the vision, but need help in the realm of business planning – the construction of a business plan, business model or infrastructure consulting, we can help!

Brand Building via Partnership

No need to compete! Let’s eat together! A simple conversation could lead to investment in your business or growth development with new work assignments in your inbox!

The Origins of Our Name

Like Chance the Rapper, we are fond of the number 3. While some may be tempted to pronounce the 3 in our name as the number, it actually takes on the sound of the letter “e.” In essence, our name is a declaration: “I am me.”

That phrase is also a reference to our Christian roots, mirroring God’s statement in Exodus 3:14: “I am who I am.” More than that, the statement can be construed as a direct indication of our identity in Christ, found in Psalm 139:14: “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Furthermore, the “3” is symbolic of the Trinity – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

So yeah, that’s what’s in our name.


About The Past

The original iamM3 concept revolved around streetwear – predominantly the creation and sale of t-shirts, a route that all budding apparel brands are fond of. The first shirt produced came to be in September 2015 and was the “In The Prayer” design, influenced by the 2015 film The War Room and Flo-Rida’s “In The Ayer” – in wordplay fashion.

About The Present

All businesses are met with opportunities to pivot in order to thrive and iamM3 is no different! Seeking to travel down fashion avenues unknown to the Average Joe, we have put the streetwear brand on the back burner while the design and sourcing processes are underway. We don’t want to be another on your list of “t-shirt lines.” We want to play with the big boys – and that requires big capital and ingenuity. In the meantime, we are playing to our strengths, seeking to add to our ever-growing list of design and video production clients. Skills pay the bills and allow us to serve the less fortunate in our city – and abroad!

About The Future

Businesses generate revenue and profits. This, we know. In this day and age, the concept of corporate social responsibility is becoming more popular – and that’s fantastic! We seek to become champions in our own right. At our current state, we are able to take 25% of the profits and donate them to the homeless and commercial sex workers of Houston – rather that be in the form of cold hard cash or in care packages. But the long-term goals we have are as follows:

A Fleet of Care Vehicles: Inspired by Jake Austin’s Shower to the Peoplea mobile showering unit for the less fortunate, God placed it in our hearts to create a similar showering unit, along with a truck for grooming (hair cuts/styling, manicures/pedicures, etc.), a food truck for distributing hot meals and groceries to go, a truck for distributing clothing and a truck for transporting those in need to shelters. This is a God-sized vision, requiring constant supplies and a team of servant leaders for all 5 trucks, whom have flexible schedules that allow us to serve several times a week – if not every day.

A Homeless & CSW Rehabilitation Center: Ideally, God will allow us to have shelters of our own, where we can house those willing. Going beyond the average shelter, we will be able to house people for as long as possible while we connect them with community resources, financial resources and most importantly, gainful employment, that they may become and remain stable.

A School: We envision an alternative to the norms of education for (African) American youth – wherein the focus is taken off of testing and placed back on the premise: learning. That could entail manual labor tracks or technical tracks, but all who emerge will be ready for the next steps on the ladder: college and life.